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"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13:34

Bible Study Questions

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Jesus Is The Way

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John 14:1-31
Key Verse 14:6

  1. What troubled the disciples’ hearts (13:21, 33, 36-38)? Read verse 1. How can “believing” in God and in Jesus comfort their troubled hearts? Read verses 2-3. How does the promise of the “Father’s house” give us true hope and direction?

  2. What was Thomas unsure of (4-5)? Read verse 6. What is our final destination? How can we get there? What does it mean to us that Jesus is the “way” and the “truth” and the “life”?

  3. Read verse 7. What did Jesus claim? What was Philip’s request (8)? Why did Jesus rebuke him (9)? What are the two clear evidences that Jesus and the Father are one (10-11)? What promises does Jesus give to those who believe in him (12-14)?

  4. What promises does Jesus give those who love and obey him (15-16, 21, 23)? Who is “another advocate”1 and what does he do (16-21)? How did Jesus emphasize the importance of love and obedience to him (22-24)?

  5. How else does the Holy Spirit help Jesus’ disciples (25-26)? How is the “peace” that Jesus gives different from worldly peace (27)? How does this further comfort his troubled disciples? Why should the disciples be glad for Jesus’ departure (28-31)?
1 Advocate — (in the Greek paraklaytos) can also mean counselor, comforter, helper, intercessor, encourager. What was promised to the disciples has been fulfilled and is now applicable to all who believe.

Remain in Jesus

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John 15:1-27
Key Verse 15:5

  1. What metaphor did Jesus use in describing his relationship with the Father and with his disciples (1, 5a)? What two things does the Father do and why (2)? How are Jesus’ disciples cleaned1(3)?

  2. What must we do to bear fruit (4)? Note the repetition of “remain2 in me” (4a,4b,5,6,7). What does it mean, and why did Jesus emphasize it? What happens to those who “remain in Jesus” and “Jesus in them,” and to those who do not (5-6)?

  3. When we remain in Jesus and his words remain in us, what privilege can we receive (7)? What is the result of bearing much fruit (8)?

  4. After showing his disciples the Father’s love, what did Jesus urge them to do (9)? How does Jesus want his disciples to remain in his love (10a)? What is Jesus’ example (10b)? What would his disciples experience if they keep Jesus’ command (11)? What is Jesus’ command to his disciples (12)?

  5. What is the ultimate expression of love and how would Jesus demonstrate this (13)? Who are Jesus’ friends, and how are they different from servants (14-15)? What is Jesus’ purpose in choosing his disciples (16)? What is fruit that lasts (16b-17)?

  6. What are the reasons the world hate Jesus’ disciples (18-25)? What should they remember? What will the Holy Spirit do (26; 16:8-15)? How should Jesus’ disciples respond to the world’s hatred (27)?
*In light of this passage how has Jesus loved you? How can you remain in Jesus?

1 The Greek for "prune" also means "clean."
2 Other major translations say "abide" instead of "remain."

"As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." John 20:21b

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